Who Are Appraisers

Director/Chief Appraiser    Keith A. Payne, Appraiser IV

Property Assessor Management Team

Deputy Chief Appraiser                 Shirley White, Appraiser III                         Real/Commercial Manager            Daniel (Danny) Hawthorne Appraiser I
Real/Commercial Property             Shawna West Appraiser I                           Personal Property/Mobile Home     Melissa Williams, Appraiser I
Front Office Manager                      Lisa West   Appraiser I                       Front Office Administrator              Judy Lohman



Board of Assessors

Operating under the Georgia Revenue Codes, the Board of Assessors is responsible for the appraisal and assessment of all residential, commercial and personal property in Mcintosh County. Property is appraised at 100 percent of its fair market value and assessed at 40 percent of that value.

The Board of Assessors is a five-member body of appointed citizens of Mcintosh County, serving on a part time basis, who meet the first Wednesday of every month at 8:00 a.m. unless otherwise posted. They are appointed for staggered terms of four, five, or six years by the Mcintosh County Board of Commissioners and operate autonomously. A chairman, vice chairman and secretary are elected on an annual basis. The Board of Assessors hires a chief appraiser to administer the functions of the Property Appraisal Department.

Thomas Gore – Chair                                                                             Eunice Moore – Vice Chair
Ronald Williams – Assessor
John Vernon – Assessor
Charles “Art” Crews – Assessor