Welcome to the Mcintosh County BOA Office Website

The fundamental objective of the McIntosh County Board of Assessor’s Office is to establish and maintain equitable and fair market assessments for all physical properties located in McIntosh County.

This mission includes the responsibility of creating a balanced and just tax digest, which serves the interests of the State of Georgia, local levying authorities, and the Tax Commissioner. In our commitment to fairness and transparency, we also strive to be a valuable and accessible resource for all McIntosh County citizens.

Our website offers an extensive database, where individuals can easily search and find detailed information on any property within McIntosh County.

This service is part of our ongoing effort to provide comprehensive support and clear communication regarding property assessments and related information in our community.

A Message from Chief Appraiser, Keith A. Payne

Greetings and welcome to the official website of the McIntosh County Board of Assessors. Our platform is designed to be a comprehensive resource, offering an array of information regarding property assessments within McIntosh County.

Visitors to our site can access a variety of services, including detailed property information, a selection of forms available for download, and an extensive compilation of helpful links directing you to relevant state and local agencies. In addition to these resources, our website is intended to facilitate easy communication and support.

We encourage you to contact our office directly with any inquiries, concerns, or feedback you may have. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with accurate information and prompt assistance, ensuring a smooth and informative experience for all who engage with the McIntosh County Board of Assessors.

Thank You,
Keith A. Payne